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Success Circle - Parking Information

The WESO Success Circle meets at the Medford Library at 205 S. Central in the downtown area. The city has parking rules that can be complicated and unclear if you are not familiar with them. So, here is what you need to know to park legally and cheaply for our meetings.

Free Parking

You will see signs for "One hour free parking"  near the library on Central Ave and some other streets nearby. In the library lot, the row closest to the library has signs stating "One hour free parking."

Other spaces in the library lot refer to "Pay by Plate." If you go over to the pay machine, you see a sign that says that the first hour is FREE. Therefore, all spaces in the library lot have one hour free parking. Then, you pay for additional hours.

However, one thing that's not clear is that these parking rules end at 6:00. So, even though our group meets for 1 1/2 hours, if you arrive no earlier than 5:00, you can park in the library lot for a free one-hour spot for the whole meeting. (The spots can go quickly though, so try to get to the lot on time.)

Pay Parking (drat - but it's cheap)

If you arrive earlier than 5:00 or otherwise need to pay for parking, you can park in the library lot and pay at the machine. You can also find pay parking in the lot across the street on Central. The cost is 50 cents for one hour so only pay for the time you need up to 6:00 (since the parking enforcement ends at 6:00). To pay for parking, enter your license plate number in the machine and then pay your 50 cents (cash or debit card, I think). If you pay with cash, the machines only take quarters. You receive a receipt and you may need to display it in your car.

So, if you're stuck paying 50 cents, I hope you'll consider it a small cost for an otherwise free Success Circle.

If you want to see the whole complicated parking rules brochure and map, go to City of Medford Parking Brochure.
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