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Membership Information and Benefits


Our primary purposes are education (emphasizing skill-building and information distribution) as well as business promotion and an inspiring environment for the needs of women business owners and other entrepreneurs.


Sole proprietors, partners, corporate owners, other types of entrepreneurs, individuals in management or decision-making positions, and anyone else who is supportive of the purposes of WESO. Nonmembers are welcome to attend up to three meetings before joining.


Networking Opportunities
Promote your business through personal contacts at monthly dinner/program meetings and our annual Entrepreneur trade show.

Support and Encouragement
Get help from other women in business.

Monthly Programs
Hear guest speakers present programs that inform, educate, motivate and inspire you. Programs are specifically designed to inform the woman business owner. We cover topics ranging from business and financial management to social and personal issues affecting women in business. Nonmembers are welcome to attend up to three meetings before joining. Members can introduce themselves at monthly meetings with their "30-second commercial." Members can display brochures, business cards, etc. on our Member Communication table. We encourage networking and business promotion at our meetings. Sign up to receive email announcements of upcoming WESO meetings and special events.

Reduced Meeting Cost
Save money by paying a lower cost than guests for the program/dinner at monthly meetings.

Business Spotlight
Display and discuss your business's products or services at a meeting as you would at a trade show.

Featured Member of the Month Profile (WESO Blog, Facebook, and Instagram posts)
Showcase you and your business to over 1,000 of WESO's followers.  Your profile, featuring a graphic of your choice and a brief written interview, will be posted on WESO's social media pages and on the website's blog.

Sweet Spot (dessert sponsorship)
Sponsor the dessert at a WESO meeting. No cost to you other than the store-bought dessert you bring. Mmm! Cookies! Cheesecake! Then, you can take up to five minutes to talk about your business at the meeting.

Annual Entrepreneur Trade Show
Show off your business at reduced exhibitor rates at our combined trade fair and networking event.

Website Directory Listing
Get a free listing on the WESO website member directory to promote your business to the public.

Ribbon Cutting for Your Business
We offer support to our members through Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.  Whether you are opening a new location, celebrating an anniversary or milestone, or just want to get people in the door of your business, WESO can help!

WESO provides the ribbon and large ceremonial scissors. We’ll also promote your event on our website, social media, and during our event announcements. We’ll invite everyone on our mailing list to attend as well. Invite your customers, friends and family! 

Don’t have a brick and mortar location?   That’s okay. You can arrange a borrowed location for your Ribbon Cutting (library meeting room, coffee shop, community space, etc).

News Blog
Add announcements about your business activities to our members only News Blog. The most recent topics display on our home page.

WESO Member Discounts
Many members offer special discounts or free offers to other WESO members. It's a great way to build your business and support other members.

Member Inside Information
(Members Only) Get more details on how to use the benefits of WESO membership, such as ordering a WESO name badge, signing up for Business Spotlight or Member Ad of the Month, or adding a "WESO Member" graphic and link to your website.

Skill Sharing with Other Members
Many members are willing to informally share skills and knowledge with other members so we make it easy to connect. Check the section "Skills and Knowledge I'm willing to share with other members" in member profiles. Login first to see these sections.

The WESO HEART Program
Do you want a more formal relationship with a member who can help you with a specific need? Or, can you volunteer to help members who need your skills and knowledge? The WESO HEART Program connects members who are seeking support in their businesses with other members who have a "Heart to Help." Sign up and find out more about the WESO HEART Program

Membership Roster
Gain an opportunity to promote your business through our special  members only directory. Increase your networking opportunities by contacting other members. The members only directory is an expanded version of our Member Businesses listing and includes more in-depth information about members.

Monthly Events Announcement
Receive our monthly announcements that inform you about our members, programs, and other activities.


Our membership year runs from October 1 to September 30. A half-price rate applies for new members joining after April 1. A special deal applies to new members who join during July through September. Check our Member Application for more information on current rates.

WESO has two levels of membership; pick the one that best fits your business and needs.

Business/Organization Membership

If you have partners, colleagues, or employees in your business and you want them to enjoy the benefits of WESO membership, choose the Business/Organization membership. You join as the Business Administrator and then add up to three more individuals who are actively involved in your business. All are full members and can use all the benefits of WESO membership, such as reduced meeting cost, "30-second commercial" at meetings, separate listing on the website, posting on the blog, and more.

  • Business/Organization membership (up to four members from one company) - new member - $125 (Starting mid-year - $65)
  • Business/Organization membership - renewal - $100

Individual Membership

If you are a solopreneur or just want to join under your name alone, choose the Individual Membership. You have all the benefits of WESO membership and pay a lower rate.

  • Individual membership - new member - $100 (Starting mid-year - $50)
  • Individual membership - renewal - $75


For more information, contact the Membership Director. She will be glad to answer your questions. Or, to join, fill out our Member Application and submit it with online payment, or print a form and return it with your check made payable to:


P.O. Box 1662
Medford, Oregon 97501

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