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The WESO Heart Program

The WESO HEART Program helps member business owners and entrepreneurs with starting, maintaining, or growing their businesses and dreams! Our program aims to connect entrepreneurs who are seeking support in their businesses with other entrepreneurs with a "Heart to Help." WESO's motto is: "WE SOw seeds to help you grow" and this new program is one way for us to help make an impact.

HEART stands for

H - Helping hands
E - Encouragement
A - Advice
R - Resources
T – Training

The program is simple. Here's how it works:
  • Members fill out a questionnaire and indicate whether they want to receive help, give help, or both. For example, a member may need advice on improving their social media presence to attract more business. Or, a member may be familiar with local business resources and is willing to guide another member to them. 
  • Our HEART program director matches each member who needs help to another member who has offered to help with those specific needs.
  • Support is provided to members at no cost. Bearing this in mind, participants need to respect each other's time commitment.
  • Confidentiality is an important component of the program and enables participants to freely communicate with each other.
  • The HEART director follows up with the members to check on the success of the relationship and determine whether further support is needed.

Interested? Fill out the HEART Program questionnaire to get started!

Note: This program is only available to WESO members. Not a member yet? Join WESO today!

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