About Us

Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon (WESO) is a community of dynamic entrepreneurs helping each other achieve business goals through networking, education, and inspiration.

In 1980, WESO opened for business as one of the founding chapters of a state-wide women entrepreneurs association. After two decades of success, we gained greater independence and a stronger local identity by separating from the state association and forming Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon (WESO).

Over the years we have expanded our benefits and offered more opportunities for members to network, promote their businesses, gain new customers, and develop their business skills and knowledge.

If you're not already a member, we hope you'll join us!

Important Milemarkers
Began as one of the founding chapters of state-wide women entrepreneurs association
October 1, 2001 Formation of Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon (WESO)
March 13, 2003 First Entrepreneur Expo – our annual combination tradeshow and networking event
May 2003 Website launched
January 24, 2004 First Success Circle – our peer mentoring group 
May 14, 2009 Facebook page launched
July 30, 2013 LinkedIn page launched
October 27, 2015 Meetup group launched

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